Flexible installation 21x21 bathroom heating fan J-431B

The installation size of JLA’s 21 x 21 bathroom heating fan is the same as that of ordinary bathroom exhaust fans. It is easy to change and has three installation methods: ceiling, window and wall-hanging type. It is small in size and light in weight, and is highly adaptable to different bathroom environments. The single motor and heating module can ventilate and heat the bathroom and quickly increase the air temperature in the desired space. The air outlet has a wider swing angle and better effect. The air outlet is equipped with a non-return valve ducting pipe connector to prevent strong wind backflow noise, odor, and keep out pests such as mosquitoes. The appearance is simple and stylish, and is waterproof and fireproof. Operated by the control panel or a wireless remote controller, with five functions, including a ventilator, fan, heater, dryer and light.

Model Flexible Installation 21 x 21 Bathroom Heating Fan
Installation size 210mm×210mm×160mm
Panel size 280mm×280mm
Rated voltage 110V 220V
Frequency 60Hz 60Hz
Item Operating electric current (A) Operating electric current (A)
Ventilator Standard 0.17 0.10
Strong 0.23 0.11
Fan Low noise 0.16 0.08
Standard 0.23 0.11
Heater During the shower 4.70 2.25
Pre-warm 4.89 2.30
Dryer Strong 4.78 2.29
Connecting pipe diameter 4”
Weight 3.45KG


※Wireless remote controller – Uses 2 x CR2032 batteries
  • Geometric shape, minimalist and fashionable
  • Interface separated by function, user-friendly
  • Perfect size for direct replacement in the original bathroom lighting switch position
  • Clear light display function


Advanced wire controller (without screen)


Advanced wireless controller (without screen)



Advanced wire controller (with screen)


Advanced wireless controller (with screen)

Wireless remote controller

※Uses 2 x CR2032 batteries
  • Radiofrequency technology, long remote control distance, with a range of up to 25m.
  • High-quality transparent panel design, curved beautiful appearance, minimalist and fashionable.
  • Save on pipeline construction costs and configuration, super convenient installation.
  • Easy and intuitive operation with touch buttons, clear and readable light display function.
H1W 無線遙控器


Advanced wireless remote controller (8 key)