JYE LI AN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. The company’s logo combines three elements: air, water and electricity in a symmetric pattern. This is to symbolize Jye Li An’s specialization in home improvement products and bathroom fixtures. For more than 30 years, we’ve held product quality as our top priority. We’re not only dedicated to the research and development of automated products, but also the integration of smart technology. With a wide range of products, we hope to create a user-friendly environment. Our products provide convenience, and improve the quality of life and home experience of consumers.

Specializes in R&D on automated products, which increases product quality, lifetime stability, and also user convenience. We have strived to meet and exceed customers' expectations with our diligence and determination in the production of sanitary equipment for decades. In addition, our superior "Professional OEM/ODM service" offers something unique to customers, in order to meet their requirements in this saturated market. Our products have passed the CE, FCC, NCC and ISO 9001; in addition, they adhere to the standards of the National Water-saving Badge of the Resources Agency, the Water Conservation badge from the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic affairs, and are licensed by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI).

 JLA has been active in recent years on the international markets upgrading R&D capacity by acquiring the latest and most advanced mechanical equipment and technology to cooperate with international water-saving policies. To make the world better and products more environmentally friendly, JLA is devoted to environmental protection through sustainable product design, water-saving resources, and top-tier efficiency focused R&D. JLA is maintaining its path of constant technical development to produce the most technologically advanced products which go above and beyond consumer expectations for hygiene and quality. Maintaining high level customer satisfaction and loyalty are our biggest motivations towards our development and expansion.