Air Circulator Ceiling Fan with Remote Controller

JLA Technology Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing the fan series since 1981. We started with OEM and ODM business model. We help some international and local brands to produce bathroom exhaust fan and air circulation fan. The air circulation fan is one of our best-selling. The material is ABS plastic with fire-proof and the motor is for DC power supply. It is energy-saving and easy to operate and install. Most of the office needs the air circulation fan, which is also called false fan and ceiling fan. The blades of our air circulation fan is safe and fire-proof. We have different model which is differ from size, such as 14 inch and 16 inch. JD-2000 even includes anion purification to reduce odor in the room. The wind speed is able to adjust with the remote controller. It has many functions and has LED indicator on the control panel. We have a main display panel on the fan with LED indicators, which shows you each function you are setting. You could control the fan with a remote controller. This air cooling fan is made based on fluid mechanics research, therefore, it has the great efficiency. It is also eco-friendly with DC power supply and anion purification. Our air circulation fan is energy-saving and easy to maintain and install. It is safe because children are unable to reach it. With an infrared remote controller, it is easy to operate and could support 1-to-many remote control. If you want to compare our products with other products, please reach to us and we would help you as soon as possible.
Air Circulator Ceiling Fan JD-1000
Air Circulation Fan JD-1000
Air Circulator Ceiling Fan JD-1000B
Air Circulation Fan JD-1000B
Air Circulator Ceiling Fan JD-1000G
Air Circulation Fan JD-1000G
Air Circulator Ceiling Fan JD-1000W
Air Circulation Fan JD-1000W
Air Circulator Ceiling Fan JD-2000
Air Circulation Fan JD-2000
Air Circulator Ceiling Fan JD-3000
Air Circulation Fan JD-3000