Bathroom Towel Warmer

JLA’s towel warmer is energy saving with various safety devices, is easy to install and has a long service life. All machine materials include advanced stainless steel 304 with a high-end appearance, high durability, and good texture.
The towel warmer is a new fashionable trend in the bathroom design. In North America and Europe, people like to use towel warmers because with the moist and cold weather, they can’t dry towels or clothing outside. Towel warmers have a warm heating function to prevent bacterial growth, and remove the moisture effectively. The surface temperature is between 45° and 55° C for drying clothes and towels without damaging the fabric, or compromising consumer safety.
Wall Mounted Heated Towel Warmer HTR-109-6
Towel Warmer HTR-109-6
Bathroom Towel Warmer HTR-109A-10
Towel Warmer HTR-109A-10