Bathroom Towel Warmer

JLA Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated in different types of products. Having a wide range of products and help our customers to find the best solutions. The towel warmer is energy-saving, with various of safety device, easy to install and has a long service life. The whole machine is used with the material stainless steel 304 with nice appearance, high durability, and good texture. The towel warmer could become a new trend as a fashionable home improvement product and home appliance. Many people in USA like to use heating towel rack because the weather outside is too cold or too much moisture. The heating towel rack could effectively remove the moisture and odor. Our company located in Yongkang, Tainan which is a place full of sun, however, the northern part of Taiwan such as Taipei, is normally lack of sunshine. Therefore, according to the island climate in Taiwan, JLA has developed a new bathroom fixture-towel warmer. It could not only dry the towel quickly and effectively, but also inhibit the breed of bacteria. The bathroom is a humid environment which is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Use a towel warmer to dry the towel and clothes so that we could have a better health. With several safety device, the temperature of the towel warmer is only warm but not hot. The surface temperature is between 45 degree to 55 degree. It is also a great temperature when coming out of a bath tub in the winter and directly cover yourself by a warm towel.
Wall Mounted Heated Towel Warmer HTR-109-6
Towel Warmer HTR-109-6
Bathroom Towel Warmer HTR-109A-10
Towel Warmer HTR-109A-10