LED Rainbow Defogging Mirror

To create a high texture atmosphere space, the LED mirror is a necessity. JLA made a device that is not just a mirror, through indirect LED light it gives rise to a sense of spaciousness which can create a fashionable, comfortable and high dimensional bathroom space, which let’s the mirror be more than just a mirror, it can change your lifestyle.

JLA has the best professional R&D team to design your customized LED mirror in 5 steps.

The LED mirror can be put in anywhere in your house. It can be installed in the living room or a public space to add sense and reduce the decoration cost. The JLA customized mirror can fit any space. It uses the 3000K warm white LED light, but it can also be changed to high brightness components. The LED lights used can achieve energy savings over other bulbs. It uses the AS nano coating material, an anti-fog coating layer to extend the corrosion resistance life, and does not need to use any detergent in the cleaning process to protect it.
LED Rainbow Defogging Mirror (Customized), Fog Free Bathroom Vanity Mirror
LED Rainbow Defogging Mirror (Customized)