Commercial Electric Hand Dryer

JLA is an OEM/ODM customized factory located in Yongkang, Tainan, Taiwan. Since 1981 we supply electronic sanitary equipment and home improvement products. With over 38 years experience in OEM and ODM, we have a professional design team that could offer the best technology and a service center to help you find the best solution. Our hand dryer is stable, low fault rate, and easy to install. We have many types of hand dryer which could fit with all kinds of construction and ceramic. Our hand dryer is energy saving, eco-friendly, infrared sensor and rapid drying, it’s would make your life more convenient and clean.
Our hand dryer has many different types, we have the manual types, infrared sensor types, photocatalyst sterilization types and automatic types. With various types you would find one you like.
In further business, with MOQ you would receive the cost of the sample item as a discount. Therefore you can choose the one hand dryer you prefer, then take a sample order, the product’s quality would not let you down.
To achieve our goal to become a supplier that create environmentally and human smart home equipment. Our product range is very wide, we provide not only the set of product but also our service. Products are not just from the catalogue, it can also come from your thoughts.
We could customize logo, customize size and color, and even find the components you need to match your requirements, just tell us the thoughts then we can work together.
Automatic Hand Dryer for Restroom & Washroom
Hand Dryer F-101
Automatic Hand Dryer F-102
Hand Dryer F-102
Automatic Hand Dryer F-103
Hand Dryer F-103
Automatic Hand Dryer F-104
Hand Dryer F-104
Automatic Hand Dryer F-105
Hand Dryer F-105
Automatic Hand Dryer F-106
Hand Dryer F-106
Automatic Hand Dryer F-107
Hand Dryer F-107
Automatic Hand Dryer F-108
Hand Dryer F-108
Automatic Hand Dryer F-109
Hand Dryer F-109
Automatic Hand Dryer F-110
Hand Dryer F-110