Remote Control Clothes Hanger

JLA Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing a remote controlled clothing hanger since 2016. It has become a trend in Taiwan because of the small living spaces in urban areas. People like to install the remote clothes hanger on the ceiling of their balconies to accommodate living in small apartments. With a small living space, remote control clothes hangers could be your best solution. Their features include LED lighting, a circulation fan, and a UV Sterilizer Light. It is easy to use for people of all-ages and is a multifunctional product.

JLA can provide all kinds of customized service, such as logo-printing, color-changing, and even make components to meet your needs. The remote control clothes hanger includes 56 wind-proof hooks to keep your clothing from flying away. It is made in Taiwan, with 6063 aluminum alloy. It is equipped with a radio frequency remote controller, and therefore can be controlled from any direction. Young and old can operate the remote clothes hanger with a user-friendly remote control. JLA has been dedicated to the OEM and ODM business model, and has always pursued providing a better home environment to meet the needs of elderly and those accessibility challenged. Home appliances made in Taiwan are high value. The LED lighting shuts off automatically to save water and electricity. In addition, for safety control, obstacle detection is equipped in every remote clothes hanger. It will automatically stop descending when it runs into obstacles to protect users safety.
Remote Control Clothes Hanger CH-200
Remote Clothes Hanger CH-201
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