Air Circulation Fan JD-3000

The JLA air circulation fan is for installation in a light steel frame construction setting such as office, school, university classroom, or other company room. It is normally operated with an air condition system to improve the circulation of the cold air and bring out the warm air. It can make the space cooler than simply using an air conditioner and helps circulate fresh air. The IR remote controller is sensitive and the IC panel on the false fan is reliable.
  • To make the space cooler, please install the air circulation fan with an air conditioner. If more than two units need to be installed, it is better to arrange 3-4 light steel frame units (about 1.8-2.4 meters) between the circulating fans to make air circulation and convection better.

  • Wind Speed

  • 3D Side Plate

  • 360° Circulating

  • Low Noise 
  • ■ LED indicator light shows the wind speed
  • ■ 7 wind speed
  • ■ 7-hour timing by remote controller.
  • ■ 3D side plate, 360° air volume input
  • ■ Use DC inverter duty motor to be energy saving.
  • ■ The front net can rotate 360° to adjust the fan direction.
  • ■ Built-In Negative Ion Purification Function.
  • ■ Timing function, can up to 7 hours
  • ■ Use circulation fan with air conditioner is eco-friendly, and it can improve the cooling performance for 2~3℃.
  • ■ It can be installed in different building environments such as exposed, concealed ceiling grid or floor slab.
Voltage 110V~220V
Frequency 50~60Hz
Sections 1~7
Weight  5.2kg
Number of Blades 3
Blade Size  14”
Material ABS 
Installation Dimension 605×605×190mm