Exposed Automatic Urinal Flusher L-301

Use a smart exposed flusher that can save up to 90% of water usage, an excellent way to protect our earth. The exposed type can be installed anywhere. It’s water saving, dirt proof, deodorizing, and is highly reliable.
Do you know the usage of traditional urinal flushers waste thousands tons of water per year?
Using a smart flusher that can save up to 90% of water usage is the best way to show love for our earth!
Infrared Sensor

  • Infrared Sensor

  • Deodorization
Dirt Proof

  • Dirt Proof
Water Saving

  • Water Saving
Power Supply Way of Flushing Sensing Distance Confirming Time 1st Speed Flushing 2nd Speed Flushing Outflow Volume Inflow Pipe Diameter Applicable Water Pressure Way of Installation Dimension
110V~220V 50/60Hz
Two speeds 15~25cm About 2 seconds About 1 second About 9 seconds More than 6L/min (1kgf/cm²) PF1/2  0.5~6 kgf/ cm² Exposed Wall Mounted 97×185×95mm
6V(Alkaline battery Size AA 1.5V✕4 pcs)