Towel Warmer HTR-109A-10

All material is stainless steel 304. It is available to install in the bathroom with a high moisture environment and is stainless and rust-proof. It is easy to maintain, keeps its nice appearance, and has a long-service life. The towel warmer can warm up instantly maintaining a cozy warm temperature without being hot enough to burn people or fabric. It can remove the moisture on the towel, and dry up quickly to reduce mold and odors.

All machine materials are made with advanced stainless steel 304.

With a nice appearance, high durability, and good texture, the towel warmer could become a new and fashionable home improvement product across the world.
Adapting to the island climate in Taiwan, JLA has created this new bathroom equipment - a Towel Warmer, easy to use with power savings, removing moisture and odors effectively, and inhibiting bacterial breeding. This device will help you enjoy a healthy and comfortable feeling when using towels, even when the weather is rainy in Summer or damp in Winter.

4 Features:
Prevent mold and odor
Prevent mold and odor
  • The humid environment of the bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Use a towel warmer to dry the bath towel to reduce the breeding of mold and the spread of odor.
Warm heating, safe but not hot
Warm heating, safe and not too hot
  • The surface temperature is maintained between 45°C and 55°C, perfect for drying clothes and towels without damaging fabric.
Energy saving
Energy saving
  • Less than 100 watts of power, safe and reliable, economical and power saving
Prepare your personal warmth
Prepare your personal warmth
  • In Winter, you can prewarm your clothes and towels. After bathing, you can enjoy the warmth of the fabric, just like it was laid out in the sun.
Voltage Frequency Surface Temperature Number of Bars Material Dimension
110V 60Hz 45°C~55°C 10 304 Stainless Steel 530×870×140mm
220V 60Hz