Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit

Low cost and easy modification, with a big effect!
Easy upgrade to prevent the spread of viruses without changing your faucet.

"Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit A-100"

No need to purchase a new faucet and modify the installation size hole of the basin, you can keep the original faucet and easily change the manual faucet to pedal-control faucet. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or restroom, it can be easily changed and installed to effectively prevent viruses.

 No need to touch the faucet with your hands, water flow is controlled with a pedal.
 Suitable for any type and size of faucet.

  • Drastically reduce human-to-human contact, maintain clean hands, and provide more comprehensive epidemic prevention solutions.
  • Save on the expense of replacing an entire set of faucets.
Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit Installation Set Contents