Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit A-100

Low cost and easy modification, with a big effect!
Easy upgrade to prevent the spread of viruses without changing your faucet.

The epidemic is spreading around the world, and the demand for new disease prevention tools is increasing daily.
Faucets are a constant point of contact, keeping them adequately disinfected is impossible.
What can we do to prevent bathrooms from becoming a source of infection?

#Liberate your hands

JLA heard your troubles! Specially developed for manual faucets, the “A-100 Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit” not only reduces contact, but completely frees your hands.
No more hassle, and no risk of sensor failure, just step on the pedal lightly with your foot to start the flow of water.

#anti-pandemic step

JLA designed this product exclusively for normal faucets.
With a small budget, transform a bathroom to become a more friendly environment!

Are you worried about not being able to install the faucet in your home?
JLA’s “A-100 Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit” can solve your problem.
No need to purchase a new faucet nor modify the sink, Regardless of the original style of the faucet, threaded or unthreaded pipes, our kit can be retrofitted and installed in your bathroom!

No need to worry about power sockets nearby, only 4 x AAA batteries are needed to operate it. Compatible with up to 90% of faucets!

#Suitable for nearly all places

No matter whether in the bathroom, kitchen, public toilet, department store, this kit can be installed anywhere.
Effective epidemic prevention starts with one step!

#Minimalist installation

With 3 simple parts (battery box + control box + pedal control), your sink can be immediately upgraded to a touch-free pandemic-safe product. With intuitive installation, no need to hire a plumber. A screwdriver and a wrench are all you need for DIY installation!