Touch-Free Easy Installation Sensor Flush Kit L-100

Light renovation of an older bathroom "Wave to flush",
a small renovation can provide a huge benefit!

#Industry-First Patented Technology

An easy switch for bathrooms in older homes, and an upgrade to “wave to flush” functionality. Easy modification, for a huge improvement!

Your requirement, we knowledge!
JLA's innovative research and development [Touch-Free Easy Installation Sensor Flush Kit L-100], even an old toilet can be transformed into a motion-sensing toilet!

Designed for old houses that use old "side pressure type" toilets, it is suitable for almost all units,
so no need to spend a lot of money to replace the toilet piping.
You can have the high-level satisfaction of flushing with a wave of your hand.

#Simple installation

You only need to set up the sensing element in the water tank, and can install it yourself with a few parts. With demonstration installation videos for hands-on teaching!

Six amazing product features in one, affordable with a small budget.

In addition, the remote control provides hands-free as well as touch functionality.
More flexible use, and you can still use the original flusher, too!