Remote Clothes Hanger CH-201

 The JLA remote clothes hanger is user-friendly for all ages. The material is pure stainless steel to prevent rust or corrosion. It can be raised or lowered through the controls on the RF remote controller. It is easy to operate and maintain. With the LED lighting, circulation fan, UV sterilizer light, and obstacle detection, it is safe and reliable. There are 42 wind proof hooks to keep the clothes hanger from flying away. JLA has three different types of remote clothes hangers.

6 Design

Obstacle Detection
Obstacle Detection
  • Automatically stops descending when it runs into obstacles to protect users.
LED Light
LED Lighting
  • The LED lighting can take the place of the original balcony light, and LED technology is more energy saving and eco-friendly than traditional bulbs.
  • The light automatically turns off after 2 hours to save energy.
Circulation Fan
Circulation Fan
  • Adopt a pair of electric convection fans with ball bearing design to circulate the air while operating, and take away the moisture on the clothes with high speed air drying in a short time.
  • The fan will automatically turned off after 3.5 hours to save energy.
UV Sterilization
UV Sterilization
  • Use LED UV light to reduce bacteria and prevent disease effectively.
  • The light will automatically turned off after 20 minutes to save energy.
Windproof Hook
Windproof Hook
  • Made with MIT 6063 aluminum alloy, the integrated poles include 56 wind-proof hooks to allow you to air-dry your clothes conveniently.
Anti-Stuck Wire Reel
Anti-Stuck Wire Reel
  • Uses a wire reel to affix and stabilize the hangers and keeps them in order.
  • Automatically stops when it runs into obstacles.
Remote Clothes Hanger Introduction
Remote Clothes Hanger Introduction
Voltage Frequency Temperature Maximum Load Lifting Height Material Body Size Customized the length of pole
110V 60Hz 25°C  40kg  1200mm  6063 Aluminum Alloy  1240×320×80mm  2290mm 
220V 60Hz
Components of Remote Control Clothes Hanger CH-200

Wireless Remote Controller

  • Radio Frequency Technology
  • Remote control range of 25m (without obstacles).
  • Long standby time to prevent the need to frequently change batteries.
  • Simplified installation procedures can reduce construction costs and complexity.
D2 Wireless Remote Controller


Wireless remote controller

※2✕Size AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • Wide panel is ergonomic and provides a comfortable grip.
  • Flat design buttons are durable and with a long operating life.
  • Large LCD Handheld Screen Display
F2 Wireless Remote Controller


Wireless remote controller

※1✕Size A23 12V pc alkaline battery
  • Easy to operate function buttons.
  • Minimalist design panel
  • Simple, economical and practical model.