LED Rainbow Defogging Mirror (Customized)

Customized Aesthetic LED mirror with a touch/wave switch and various kinds of frames make your space unique. Through the LED indirect light, it gives rise to a sense of spaciousness which can create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. You’ll enjoy being surrounded by an artistic ambiance and experiencing aesthetics of life.
4 Features of customized LED mirror
Energy Saving
  • The usage of 3000K warm white light consumes less than 8W.
  • No need to use any detergent in cleaning process.
AS Nano Coating
  • Adopt the electronic-grade Nano-coating technology on the surface of mirror. It can create an anti-fog coating layer to prevent water vapor from condense, and the stain will not easily attach to the glass.
  • Go through the durability test by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), the coating layer can last more than 5 years effectively, and its corrosion resistance is better than normal glass.

Create your mirror in 5 steps.

1 Size Measurement
1. Size Measurement
  • Customize mirror size according to your needs.
2 Frame Style
2. Frame Style
  • Choose your favorite frame style.
Sandblasted Pattern
3. Sandblasted Pattern
  • Provide the pattern that you want.
Defog Function
4. Defog Function
  • Defog function is optional.
Control System
5. Control System
  • Choose Touch or Wave switch.
56 Series / Bevel frame presents 3D visual effect.

96 Series / Elegant arch conveys a tender feeling.

98 Series / Create a simple but luxurious lifestyle.

100 Series / Silky texture combined with edgy design