【Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit】has already hit the store shelves! (Link below)

【Pedal Control Faucet Retrofit Kit】has already hit the store shelves ! 】

Specially developed for manual faucets, not only reduces contact, but completely frees your hands.
No more hassle, and no risk of sensor failure,
just step on the pedal lightly with your foot to start the flow of water.

【Are you worried about these problems ?】

When you’re holding too many things, is it hard to get free to turn on the faucet?
Can your original faucet still be used, and are you reluctant to spend a lot of money to replace it with a new one?
So many people touch bathroom faucets, do you worry about infection?

We got it !

No matter which type or size of faucet,
our product can be installed in your kitchen or bathroom!

➔eBay | https://reurl.cc/2DM6jX
➔Amazon | https://reurl.cc/e6vGGL
➔Lazada Malaysia | https://reurl.cc/6EVjKV
➔Lazada Singapore | https://reurl.cc/Qjn5Y5
➔Lazada Thailand | https://reurl.cc/Op75Yg
➔Lazada Philippine | https://reurl.cc/k7NMnG

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