Bathroom Sink Faucet with Automatic Sensor

An automatic sensing faucet is a necessary part of public restroom equipment. JLA’s automatic sensing faucet is stable, has a low failure rate, and is easy to install. We have many types of infrared automatic sensing faucets to fit every sink and its surroundings. Automatic sensors are not just convenient to use, they can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in the bathroom environment.

JLA provides different types, including a sensing type, foot-pedal type, LED type, heightening type and gooseneck type etc. JLA has a wide product line, not limited to the product catalog. We also provide customized service, according to different country’s voltages and preferences, to design and develop custom products. We can customize your logo, size and color to meet your needs.
Automatic Sensing Faucet A-809
Automatic Sensing Faucet A-901
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